What if nuclear bomb had not been invented? What if the West had not win the Cold War, would the world be less benign or perhaps less malign? What if the Bandung Conference became a successful movement in gathering the Third World solidarity? What if there was a strong coalition of non-aligned governments in Asia and Africa? What if Southeast Asia had a different grouping that overcame Asia and bypassed the Pacific? What if the Berlin Wall never fell? What if the Berlin Wall had never been built? What if the leftist movement in Asia was able to gain bigger power? How close did we come to alternative worlds the Bandung Conference imagine?

When the death of futures was pronounced by Fukuyama in 1989, those who followed his train of thoughts said, “There is no alternative.” When History was murdered, future has become a thing of the past. No future was the new future.

We are made to live in a futureless present where we are perpetually going nowhere, faster and faster. They only want us to think about the here and the now, to stay in our precarious bubble.

But the other futures are always already inscribed within the present. They are neither futures with a sense of progress nor a limitless growth. It is something else. A spectral future, a dizzying horizon of possibilities that still haunts us. It comes into being when someone tried to remember the future. It comes into being when someone murmured, “What if ?”